Quite Perry...The Quintessential Jamaican Comedian

Quite Perry...The Quintessential Jamaican Comedian

Rohan Perry, 24 - more popularly known as social media sensation “Quite Perry” with over 242,000 Instagram followers and 146,000 fans on Facebook, Rohan has always had an innate knack for making people laugh. From the days of Meadowbrook High School to Utech, his comedic timing, infectious personality and relatable skits brought laughter and joy to people’s lives! Rohan’s motto has always been “I just want to make people laugh” and now he’s living his dream!

For those who have no idea about what you do and why so many people love it.... how can you best describe it? I get this euphoric feeling; whenever I put out my comedic videos. The love coupled with the support I get from my fans is tremendous! I think the most beautiful thing about the connection I have with my supporters is that I’m just being myself. I genuinely enjoy making people laugh and I think they can sense that through my videos. Its authentic, its real.

How did you begin your online career? Was it always a path you dreamt of taking? Actually, one would call it “buck ups” - another would say its destiny. I’ll go with the latter. I actually used to do YouTube videos but in the words of my MOMager, they were a bit long-winded;she said look within so I re-grouped, re-focused and by God’s grace I put out my first 15 second comedy clip and ‘BAM’ there you have it. The video went viral, I started seeing all these followers coming in, people saying they love my work - it was quite the turn of events in my life, moments on could only dream of.

In 2008 at just 16 years of age, Rohan’s passion about the entertainment industry and the importance of the youth having a voice began his unwavering affiliation with the Youth View Awards. An avid social media enthusiast, he started blogging and vlogging in 2010 on YouTube in which he transitioned into a stint on CVM TV where he hosted a teen based show called a Teen Link which ran for two seasons.

It was is in 2012 when he won the Music Industry Achievers Award for Social Media Personality of the Year that it further solidified to him that not only did he have an online presence, but this is was his calling in life!

What is the best thing and worst thing about what you do? I think with anything anybody does, you have pros and cons - but I choose to be grateful, I choose to accept the best and worst things that come with being a social media personality/comedian; for I could be doing something I didn’t love, in a environment that is toxic. It’s a great feeling waking up with the thought I make people laugh, I lift spirits and change lives through comedy everyday. What more could a brother ask for?

What advice would give to someone looking to become am influencer like you? I would tell them the first three simple words, thats on every single social media platform I am on.. “Just Be Yourself”.

Rohan later went from PR to Social Media Marketing, to now full-time Online Comedian, Host, and Stand Up Comedian who’s looking to spread his wings to become a household brand as well as carry Jamaican comedy to the international market. Rohan mass market appeal has seen his relationship blossom with respected brands such as Ting (International), Smirnoff, Red Stripe, JPS, The Jamaica Observer, Respect Jamaica and more. Taking his talent even beyond online Rohan is now booked for standup shows both locally and international including Oceanstyle celebrity filled event in Montego Bay, private events including recently at Jamaica’s luxury hotel Moon Place Jamaica Grand, to Tempo Television 10th anniversary Caribbean Rocks celebrations at BB King Blues Club on 42nd Street in New York! We will say he’s definitely on his way to spreading his wings!

The Evolution of “Quite Perry” is wonderful to watch unfold as he genuinely smiles at every fan, is never too busy to take a picture or sign an autograph. Through all of this he never forgets to stop and reflect how far he’s come and how much further he is focused on going while thanking God every step of the way!

Did you ever expect it to be as successful as it has been? In the ever changing arena of digital media how will you stay relevant and ahead of the game? To be honest, I was a bit uncertain as you know things have times and seasons, rhymes and reasons. The entertainment industry is fickle, you’re in today and out tomorrow. But I have to thank all my fans for their unwavering support, the love is real and I do intend on bringing more content to social media & from my lips to God’s ears - possibly bring it to late night television, afternoon radio, fan appreciation tours, or you never know perhaps the cherry on top, carry our flag and brand of humor worldwide!

How do you deal with trolls and cyberbullying? I ignore them or introduce them to my very good friend called ‘BLOCKED’. I don’t have the time, nor is it worth it to focus on negative energy... life is too short.

Do you have a plan B in case all this fades away? To be honest, its always good to have a plan B - but at this immediate moment I don’t. All my energy is now in plan A, so plan A betta work work work work work.

With companies incorporating more influencer marketing in their online strategy...how do you manage all these corporate brands want to connect with the audience through you? How do keep your authenticity while balancing the needs of companies? I have to credit my management team on this, Karen Clarke is truly amazing as she allows me to express my comedic talents in what is required from any corporate brand, she gives me leeway, she fights for my right to remain true in what I do and ensures that both myself and the client are happy with end result at the end of the day. You have to remain authentic in what you’re doing, also learn when to compromise and relish in the fact that its okay sometimes to say “no”.

If you were not doing this...what else would you be into? Well, since we’re keeping it real here - I haven’t told anyone else this really, but I like to sing. I’ve had a suppressed passion for it as long as I can remember. So maybe if I was not doing this, I’d be writing or creating original music. Hey, you never know.

Come 2020, where will can we expect to see QP? Well, you can see me touring the world with my stand-up comedy show, you can catch me on TV with my very own late night show and you can see me on the big screen, yes I said it - buy your ticket at Carib from now, I’ll be on that screen and many more. Everything in divine order! 

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Interview by Tricia Williamson | Photography by Craig Harley

Photographed in ARRC StudioLighting by Adrian CrearyMakeup by Sophia Butler

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