The One & Only... ASSASSIN

The One & Only... ASSASSIN

PANACHE: Hi Assassin, so as 2016 rolls in, what are you celebrating or most thankful for right now?

Assassin: In 2016, I am celebrating 15 years in my career. There is a lot to be grateful for in that. I’m most thankful that through it all, I’ve been able to do what I love and grow as an artiste but most importantly, as an individual. I’m most grateful for my family, friends and core support.

PANACHE: Tell us about your latest work and what you hope people take away from it?

Assassin: Earlier this year, I released my album “Theory Of Reggaetivity”. I had a great experience working on the project and I hope people will get that I poured my heart into it and also of course be positively moved by the music. After all, it’s ‘Reggaetivity no Negativity’.

PANACHE: What would you say has been your key to success over the years?

Assassin: I think my sincere love and respect for art form Reggae/Dancehall, has been the key influence in my decisions and actions and as such I have been able to commit to developing and improving on my craft with hard work. The kind of work that only the true love of it can get you do... The 5 a.m. running on the beach to improve stamina, breathing techniques and the very discipline of waking up every morning before the sun to work on my craft. The countless hours spent just being around people I figured I could learn from to improve and finding lessons where none was being taught... I could go on for days...

PANACHE: With such a high profile life, how do you keep your privacy?

Assassin: I have always tried consciously to separate my personal life from my professional. Understanding that there is the inevitable overlap, it becomes a matter of discretion and management. With social media being a new and ever changing phenomenon, I’m still learning how to keep the delicate balance.

PANACHE: What is the biggest misconception people have about you?

Assassin: I would have to say, it seems no matter what age I am, people always seem to think I’m much older. Recently had a 30 year old man try to convince me that his mother and I were classmates... I’m 2 years his senior.

PANACHE:What do you love to do outside of work?

Assassin: I love to spending time with my family. I love going to the movies or catching one at home. I love playing football and basketball and I love home gardening or rather home farming... #BackyardToKitchen

PANACHE:What advice do you have for young artistes in the industry?

Assassin: Love and respect the music. Identify where you want to go and work hard at continuing to develop yourself and your craft. And be true to yourself, do not compromise your values nor beliefs for anything.

PANACHE: If you were offered the opportunity to start a fashion line or open restaurant or something else of your choice. Which would you choose and why?

Assassin: I’ve always had a love for architecture and construction and so something in that sector. Also home ownership is one of the ultimate goals many individuals have and shelter is a basic need, so it would be another area in which I could positively impact people’s lives.

PANACHE: Name one thing you love and hate about social media?

Assassin: I love the fact that it’s a way to connect with so many people all over the world but at the same time it can disconnect and distract you from those in your immediate surroundings. It’s like Social/Anti-Social Media. |P|

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