Meet The Men of ARRC

Meet The Men of ARRC

From (l to r): Adrian Creary, Craig Harley, Rany Richards, Ryan Mattis
From (l to r): Adrian Creary, Craig Harley, Rany Richards, Ryan Mattis
ARRC Creative Media is a company offering professional photography services. The team, which consists of Adrian Creary, Randall Richards, Ryan Mattis and Craig Harley (ARRC) is based in Kingston, Jamaica. Each photographer brings to the table his own unique style, passion and commitment to the vision of delivering excellent service in photography, videography and social media marketing to all their clients.

Take a moment and get to know the men behind the lens. 1 876 559 7716

Craig Harley, 28

Craig Harley
Craig Harley

What made you discover that photography was right for you? I started photography as a hobby and over time it just grew into something more. I recall how I stressed over my 9-5 job that I had to get up and go to everyday. Yet in contrast, call me anytime or anywhere to come and take pictures and I was on cloud nine! It was in that moment I accepted a simple truth and realized that doing photography simply makes me happy. That day, I resigned my job made the switch and I have never looked back.

What has been the proudest moment in your photography career thus far? There are so many but the one that I am most proud of was the opportunity to shoot the cycle 14 winner of America’s Next Top Model Krista White for The Collection de Moda.

If you could tell yourself anything when you first started out… what would you say? Take some more time to study lighting and make a more serious investment in your equipment.

Favourite TV Show: The Big Bang Theory.

Favourite Musician/Band: Maroon 5.

Favourite Movie: The Notebook.

Favourite Food: I love food and food love me.....#ThatsAll

What’s the word or phrase you catch yourself saying too often: “Awesome!”

Randy Richards, 26

Randy Richards-sm
Randy Richards-sm

How did you get started with photography? Professionally, I naturally rolled into it but as for the official start. I’d say it was when I won the Smirnoff Doubletake photography competition. That truly catapulted my professional career forward.

If there is one thing that you would want us to know about you… what would it be? Cheesecake.

What is your favourite and least favourite part of being in the photography business? My favourite part is getting to travel all around the island, meeting lots of different people and building up a wealth of different experiences while being paid to create.  The least favourite part is having to sift through hundreds of images after getting trigger happy at a really good shoot.

Favourite TV Show: Arrested Development.

Favourite Musician/Band: That’s difficult... Right now I’m vibing to Flofilz and KRS remixes.

Favourite Movie: Kill Bill.

Favourite Food: Favourite food? All food is heavenly.

What’s the word or phrase you catch yourself saying too often: “Cool cool” or “Cool Beans”.

Adrian Creary, 25

Adrian Creary
Adrian Creary

What inspired you to become a photographer? My inspiration came slowly over time. I started off trying many disciplines of creative work including video editing and graphics design. It got narrowed down to photography as I came to enjoy the lifestyle of not being tied to a desk and going where typically people do not get to go. I love new experiences that every job brings because each requires a fresh perspective and comes with its own set of challenges. I get behind the scenes to my favourite tv shows and concerts and after capturing the moments, I get to share these experiences with people through photography as if they were there. I find a huge privilege to be able to work as a photographer.

Natural Light or Studio Light- what is your preference? My preference is whichever is right for the job at hand. Light behaves the same way and has the same rules whether is come from the sun or a strobe. In may cases I prefer to have studio light with me and use a mix of the two. The decision to go all in on one or the other however has to do with trying to achieve a particular style or simply the constraints of the environment I have to work in.

What is the one piece of advice you would offer new photographers looking to start their own business? Don’t think of the business of photography as only taking and selling images, you are providing a service for a client. The service needs to come with an experience that the client will want to come back to and prefer over your competition. There is value in your images because is solves a problem for your client, whether it be for nostalgia, decoration (art), persuasion (advertising) etc. Knowing what problems you are best in a position to solve for your clients will bring you clarity and help you put a price tag on your work. This will also help you focus on what you can offer better than anyone else and help you understand what kinds of work you should be saying NO to.

Favourite TV Show: Skins (The British version)

Favourite Musician/Band: The Weeknd

Favourite Movie: Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels

Favourite Food: Christmas Ham

What’s the word or phrase you catch yourself saying too often: “If only…”

Ryan Mattis, 24

Ryan Mattis
Ryan Mattis

When did you first know that you wanted to be a photographer? As a part-time wedding planner, my mother would take me on most of her executions as her little helper. Back then, I didn’t have any camera equipment at all and would whip out my smartphone(s) at the time (Nokia N series; I went through quite a few) to take a few pictures. I didn’t think much of it at the time but my mother, being around weddings and wedding photographers all the time, saw that I had potential and encouraged me to look into it. However, it wasn’t until last year when I met these guys that I really started pushing to become a professional photographer.

If you could go back in time five years- what advice would you give yourself? This is a tough one; so many things have happened in the last 5 years that its hard to pin-point something I would give myself advice on. My life isn’t perfect but thanks to my friends and family, I have yet to make a stupid decision which has greatly affected me. Frankly, the best decision I have ever made was to start this company with the guys.

Any words of wisdom for the up and comers? Stop Lowballing The Industry and Yourselves! Just starting out as a photographer can be hard; I get that- but undercutting the industry causes way more harm in the long term than good. Think about the investment you’re making, and the kind of money you HAVE to spend to provide quality to your clients and ask yourself, “Should I be charging next to nothing?” Measure your expenses and ask yourself “Can this sustain me?”. If your answer is no for both questions, revisit your prices.

Favourite TV Show: Game of Thrones!

Favourite Musician/Band: Breaking Benjamin

Favourite Movie: The Kingsman

Favourite Food: Sushiiiii

What’s the word or phrase you catch yourself saying too often: “Trash.” |P|



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