Top 10 Apps of 2016

2016 was quite an app-filled year. From the introduction of new apps to the vast improvement of existing ones, mobiles app have truly taken form. Of all the apps we used this year, our digitally led team at Trend Media Group managed to compile a list of the 10 most impressive applications - whether it be solely for the purposes of socializing, news/ information sources, utility or relevant to education.


The word HÜM (Hoo-m, with the letter U bearing umlaut is a phonetic play on the words Hum and Home, Who and Whom).  HÜM is the Hum in your Home that shapes Who a person is in a holistic way. It was inspired by The Hum discussed by The Queen of Thursday Night, Shonda Rhimes. A hum is defined by the Camrbidge dictionary as “…a continuous low sound”, “to sing without opening your mouth.” Most suitably for this discussion, a hum is also defined by the dictionary as a state of being “…busy and full of activity, excitement, sounds or voices.”

Turner Innovations' Harvesting Possibilities

The world is constantly changing, evolving by the second. We are in an age where the globe’s occupants live fast paced lives and are driven by quick results and everything being done at a faster pace, with greater yields. So it comes as no surprise that this school of thought would exist within all spheres of life and the correlated industries.

Breaking News Boss: Abka Fitz-Henley

On January 17, some of Jamaica and the world’s most influential people, Muhammad Ali, Michelle Obama, Stephen Vasciannie, Shabba Ranx and the notorious Al Capone all celebrate their birthday. Little did the world know that in 1989 in St. Ann on a little island in the Caribbean Sea, some would welcome or regret the arrival of another Capricorn - Abka Fitz-Henley. Abka is well known in online and electronic media circles as the "Breaking NewsBoss". The 27 year old is the senior journalist at Nationwide News Network.